Who we are

Integrity International

Is a full-service corporate investigations firm focused in the geographical areas of continental Europe and Latin America. The firm is specialized in complex problem solving; including due diligence, fraud investigations, extortion investigations, as well as litigation support and intelligence projects. Integrity also offers a full range of seminars and courses ranging from Security Awareness Seminars for expats and travellers, to Information and social media security.

Integrity International

The firm is woman-led, and has a well-established presence in both Brussels as well as Mexico.

We have a portfolio of over 200 clients world-wide including multinationals, law firms, financial institutions, insurance companies, hedge funds, SMEs and high net worth families.


The principal of the firm is Ulla Pentinpuro, a seasoned investigator. Ulla is an economist and has a Masters in Business Administration with high honors from Solvay Business School Brussels in Belgium.

Ulla began her professional life in 1997 when she entered the banking sector and joined Euroclear Bank in the commercial area of its Brussels office, taking charge of the sales and relationship management function for institutional clients and Central Banks of the Nordic and Baltic countries.

Ulla joined the intelligence and investigations industry when she accepted an offer from Control Risks Group in Mexico City in 2001. She began in the investigations area as senior analyst, and was soon promoted to case manager and finally to Associate Director in charge of the investigations area of Control Risks in the geographic area of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

In mid-2003 Ulla was invited to join as Partner in Grupo Prosol, a Monterrey based Security Company. Until the beginning of 2006 Ulla was in charge of building the investigations area of the group, helping grow the company significantly and triplicate the sales of the area.

In 2006 Ulla partnered in a Mexican corporate investigations firm Strategic Intelligence Group. She started up the firm’s Monterrey office in Northern Mexico, and in 2010 moved to Brussels, Belgium to begin and build the European operation of the Group.   Since the beginning of 2016 Ulla decided to found her own firm, Integrity International, based in Brussels and with a presence in the three major cities in Mexico.

Ulla has lengthy experience in public speaking, having given lectures and trainings in different topics related to security. She specializes in security awareness training for families. Ulla is Finnish, but has lived abroad for over 30 years in Saudi Arabia, Libya, Nigeria, Belgium, the United States and Mexico. She speaks and writes fluently Spanish, English, French, Swedish and Finnish. Currently Ulla lives in Brussels and travels frequently to Mexico City.


Due diligence

We conduct reputational due diligence investigations on companies that are generally potential counterparties of our clients. The subjects also include M&A targets, suppliers, distributors and others. Our reports contribute significantly to informed decision making by enhancing the amount and quality of information available to decision makers. We can cover both detailed public records searches, as well as in-depth source references when required.

Background checks

Our clients frequently require background checks to be conducted on potential future employees, or counterparties of financial transactions. The scope provided ranges from public records checks to confidential source enquiries to help answer questions such as why did the person leave their previous employer? What is their management style? Do they have a “known” problem with alcohol, games, or extramarital affair? What is the origin of the wealth of my financial counterparty and/or do they have links to organized criminal groups, political groups etc.?

Fraud investigations

One of our most sought- out service are white-collar crime investigations. We have a long experience in investigating frauds on different levels, in some of the most corrupt countries in the world. Our goal is to identify the modus operandi of the fraudsters, as well as identify all the parties involved.

Asset searches

We can help locate assets in a multitude of jurisdictions world-wide using creative approaches.

Extortion investigations

Our firm has helped over 100 clients to deal with complex extortion situations. We assist and advise with responding to the extortion as well as conduct the actual investigation on what is the origin and motive of the extortion itself.

Intelligence projects

We conduct complex intelligence project using our far-reaching confidential human source network that has been tried and tested during the last 15 years. We are accustomed to working under time pressure and a complex set of deliverables.

Risk analysis

The firm provides professional and in-depth risk analysis, for families as well as companies and their operations.

Security awareness seminars

A seminar for anyone working or moving to a high-risk area. The objective of the seminar is to provide the participants with a realistic view of the current security situation, the risks faced, and the best security practices that can be implemented in order to avoid becoming victims of urban crime.   The participants will also be advised on what to do in case they are a victim of a crime, or are in an emergency situation.

Traveller security seminars

A seminar for business travellers to high-risk areas. The seminar analyses the security hotspots in the region, discusses the different kinds of risks travellers are faced with, and provides them with the “rules of the game” on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime.

Information and social media security

A seminar covering the different threats to our private information and the available countermeasures. We also discuss how to use social media in a secure manner.

Online reputation management

Via a sister company, Integrity ORM, we provide a full range of online reputation management services. The practice combines a suite of technology and communications solutions to address issues related to online reputations. We also offer training courses related to online reputation management that are created with the aim of providing participants with tools that they can use autonomously to monitor, manage and enhance their reputations online. For more information please visit www.integrityorm.com.

Contact details

The firm has its main office in Brussels, with a team of investigators in Mexico covering the three major cities of Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara. In addition we have an extensive network of tried and tested partners and sources, covering all of Continental Europe and Latin America. If you would like to get in touch with us, please contact:

- Brussels


Tel. +32-479-121342

- Mexico


Tel. +52-55-41648950